Retail & Commercial Fitouts

Photos shows DOC Visitor Centre Franz Joseph -  Large 5m POU made from 3 pieces of German acrylic, LED lights, Steel frame structure engineered fittings.

Canvas graphic printed with custom made hangers. Brochure wall with changable headers and Local maps (Self adhesive graphics backed on acrylic & 3D lettering)

Custom hand painted Backwall Mural

Project Management

We have managed and controlled some substantially sized projects and installations. The requirement to efficiently manage and track projects is a critical success factor. This includes managing the sometimes many and varied relationships, managing budgets and cash flow as well as that all-important factor of time. 

Production Management

We understand design, materials, tooling, production techniques, through to knowing who is the best fit in terms of manufacturing. We have extensive contacts with our suppliers and keep abreast of best and latest practice.


If something is not available, or even if no such product exists, we can readily find someone capable of doing it. A long-standing understanding and in-house knowledge of the industry means we have access to pricing and production not available to all-comers.


 First impressions count, so we know the importance of good design. We entrepreneurial in many respects, developing products which at times have been borne out of solving problems for clients where there was no apparent solution. We suffer from a streak of perfectionism, while sometimes seen as a disability; we see it as the relentless pursuit in making things ‘Just so.’ 


Infrastructure and systems are one thing. A critical component is the actual creative and messaging that gets deployed. This is the emotive value that will resonate and create connection. We have two tools: words and image. We recognize the power of wielding these in unexpected and refreshing ways.

Infrastructure Management

We don’t like leaving anything to chance. We make sure what we create is robust and foolproof in the first place. We are also pretty passionate about making sure what we create is well looked after. This includes managing ways to repair things if they break, general maintenance through to service our products and things we manufacture and install. We are well versed in working in with property managers, procurement specialists and site and store managers. We also can manage warehousing, distribution, campaign updates, merchandising and new product releases