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A beige-free zone at Archives
The Hutt City Council Archives reading room just got
a whole lot more inviting, as shown at a 'big reveal' in
late October. Local fim Shout Group worked with the
Archives and NZ Micrographic Services to transform the
space and create display panels featuring large blown up
images of the region. "We had a lot of sepia photos and
we wanted to make these 'pop' on the wall," said Steve
Laing from the fim, explaining the choice of bold colour
blocks for the walls. Other innovative display techniques
have been used including sliding wall sized images and
hinged eye level 'pages'. Shout Group works with local
councils and libraries and recently fited out the DOC
information centre at Franz Joseph. The Archive is open by
appointment and also has an online database to help with
your enquiries. Jennie and the team would love to show
you to their refreshed space.